Our vision and mission is carried out through the various ministries that are operational in the church, which includes Christian Education Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Music Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Christian Child Development Ministry, Youth Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Media Ministry, Protocol Ministry and the HTM Training and Development Center.

Christian Child Development Ministry

This ministry is entrusted with the task of raising the next generation in in the ways of God instilling Godly fear and depositing the seed of the word of God which will certainly yield good fruits in our children. Train up a child the way he should go and when he grows he will not depart from it. We are using some of the top curriculum in the Nation for Child Christian Education, with lots of interactive activities.

Christian Education Ministry

This is the ministry that see’s to the conduction and teaching of Bible studies across all age groups. Members of this ministry will lead bible studies for youth and adult members of the church. This ministry also supports senior pastor in administering New Member Orientation and other spiritual development courses.

Evangelism Ministry

This is an outreach ministry to the lost and back-slidden souls in our community. Our evangelistic thrust is carried out through various strategies that the Lord has shown us.

Hospitality Ministry

This ministry that takes care of the physical and social needs of church members. The ministry team members are in charge of all social events- baby showers, church picnics, dinners, etc. They have been of great blessing to the family of God. You must be full of faith and the Holy Spirit to be able to serve at tables. You really need an enlarged heart and compassion to accommodate all the criticisms when members feel they have been left out in the daily ministrations

Media Ministry

This ministry makes available tapes, videos and CDs of sermons and ministrations. Our vision is to cover the earth with the Word of God through the medium of tapes, CDs, Videos and printed materials.

Men's Ministry

Coming Soon!

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is in charge of leading the saints into the presence of God. Like David put it, I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart. I will enter his courts with praise. The team is made up of gifted musicians, a dynamic praise team, and awesome Ministers of Worship

Outreach Ministry

This is the outreach ministry of the church to the poor and disadvantaged in society: Activities include distribution of clothes, feeding the hungry and providing a safe haven for the homeless and orphans and a rehabilitation center for drug addicts.

Prayer Ministry

The prayer ministry is one of the key foundations of Harvest Tabernacle Ministries. We believe that prayer moves the hand of God to accomplish mighty works upon the earth and in the lives of God’s people. The members in the prayer team stand in constant intercession for the church leadership, the nation, members of the church, people who call for prayer from around the world, and for lost souls to be won into the kingdom. Branches includes: intercessory teams, prayer chains, phone-in prayer, and yearly prayer and healing school.

Protocol Ministry

We have a team of energetic men and women who are in this department. They are the keepers of the gates of the house of the Lord. They welcome people as they enter the sanctuary, and assist at the altar during ministration to God’s people. They are the first to arrive for service, and the last to leave after church services. May the Lord bless them all

Training and Development Center

This is the wing of the church which has been charged with the responsibility of assessing the training needs of the different ministries in the church, developing appropriate curriculum, and initiating training programs for members as and when necessary.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry focuses on building a Godly character in our youth to face the many challenges that the world has thrown their way. This ministry focuses on teaching the word of God and using the bible to give a Godly vision to our youth. We believe in giving the youth a Godly vision rather than allowing the Television, internet, and radio to give them a vision

Women's Ministry

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